Sitting in PEK airport I finally had a chance to do some reading. Then I came across this article on my Zinio:

While the article didn’t argue for or against the ECB moving towards being the finance ministry of EU states, it shows that the member state politicians are against such a notion because of the “dissolution of (fiscal) power” from the member countries to the ECB.

It all seem to make sense, until I realized that no one, not a single person, questioned or pondered about the complete lack of CITIZEN PARTICIPATIONS in such a move. The power of fiscal planning and how tax dollar gets to be used cannot be in the control of a group of non-elected officials. For that matter it shouldn’t even be in the hands of officials appointed by the elected representatives – it can, but the internal workings need to be crystal clear, because we are all stakeholders in this, yet we are largely shielded from knowing the details.

The media was supposed to explain, question on our behalf, and letting us know the various aspects of issues. Yet nowadays we don’t have news media, we only have media channels that regurgitate press releases. Or worse, we have news medium that are basically partisan hackery. You the viewer, you the citizen, are on a need-to-know basis and you only need to know it in this way. How can citizens be voting for their future, if they are presented with manufactured facts? When the only source of clarity is more interested in view ratings and now page views? There is no democracy, not government of the people, by the people and for the people when people don’t know shit!

By the way, sort of along the same line, go check out Pat Condell on YouTube, there is another video not from him but appearing on the same page of a little girl brainwashed by Islamic teachings and her view on Jews. I can’t link to it right now as I’m still behind the Chinese firewall, but ill link it when I get to HK or Taiwan. It’s no laughing matter. And before you get up in arms about Islamic extremists, consider the hate spread by pro-Taiwan-independence people against those opposing it, and vice versa. Sigh, I wonder if these people and their followers know how ridiculous they appear.

Anyway rant over, en route to Hong Kong!