Dumplings, oh I love dumplings.

I’ve been quite engaged in the political news and social (in)justice, until I realized after the HK riots that engagement is really just enragement. For some reason nothing constructive gets done as we mistake discourse as dialogue. So in re-starting my little corner of the web*, I’ve decided as part of a regular posting, I’m going to share some of my favourite contents online. Oh there will still be the usual rants but you know what, for a positive beginning, I’m going to share this absolutely awesome video on dumplings.

These guys are the real deal is terms of Chinese cooking. They are incredible chefs and really talks about the essence of each dish – way more informative than the eye candy epic B-rolls. Not to slam the extra slow-motion + shallow depth of field style, they do look epic, it’s just that they can often be visually rich while information-poor.

Plus their Beijing accents just makes me miss Beijing. I’m starting to shift focus back to Taiwan to spend more (and important) time with family but hey, it’s a place I would like to call home as well.

*by removing most of the useless rants and keeping just a few from way back while organizing into some new categories.

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